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Defence And Diplomacy

ISSN No.: 2347-3703 

RNI No.: DELENG/2012/41043


Defence and Diplomacy
In Pursuit of National Security
Vol. 7 No. 3
(April-June 2018)


1. JuD's Social Outreach: Understanding Digital Terrorism 
Shalini Chawla and E.Dilipraj

2. Revisiting US-North Korea Standoff in the Current Uncertain Times: Any Lessons Learnt?
Hina Pandey

3. The Defence Industrial Complex: US' Next Target to Contain Russia's Military Resurgence
Chandra Rekha

4. India's Balancing Act with West Asia
Anu Sharma

5. China-Philippines Contention in the South China Sea
Sana Hashmi

6. Managing Crude: A Challenge for India's Energy Basket
Asheesh Shrivastava

7. Securing the Ecological Balance in Northeast India under the 'Act East' policy
Temjenmeren Ao

8. South Asia's Refugee Experience: What about the Rohingyas?
Sripathi Narayanan

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