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Suez Canal crisis: A new type of security threat in the maritime domain
Dr Joshy M Paul, Research Fellow, CAPS
31 March 2021:
The world shipping fraternity that relies on the East-West corridor connecting Asia with Europe was at a standstill for almost a week, after the Suez Canal was blocked by a ship which got stuck. MV Ever Given, a 220,000-ton mega ship nearly a quarter-mile long with a 20,000 container capacity... Read more

Revisiting the Three Communiques: The ‘Taiwan’ question in U.S.-China relations 
Ms. Rushali Saha, Research Associate, CAPS
03 February 2021:
February 28, 2021 marked 48 years of the first Sino-U.S. Joint Communique’s, also known as Shanghai Communique, existence. The 1972 agreement, symbolised in the famous Nixon-Mao handshake, signalled the end of 23 years of diplomatic estrangement between Washington and Beijing...Read More

Plausible Reset in Turkish-Israeli Relations
Ms. Anu Sharma, Associate Fellow, CAPS
27 January, 2021:
Another challenge to this emerging rapprochement between Israel and Turkey can be Ankara’s support to the Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas, Israel’s archenemies in the region. In such a scenario, it becomes difficult for both Israel and Turkey to find a common, mutual ground for convergence. With the deep disagreements between both the nations related to Israeli-Palestinian conflict, and Ankara’s support for political Islam, re-forming the erstwhile bilateral camaraderie is likely to become difficult for both the nations...Read More

The Political Crisis in Nepal and China's Policy of Non-Interference
Mr. Shantanu Roy-Chaudhury, Research Associate, CAPS
08 January 2021:
With healthy relations between the Nepalese Communist Party (NCP) and the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), and the political situation slowly deteriorating in Nepal, China’s ambassador in Kathmandu, Hou Yanqi, was working overtime meeting the leaders of the feuding political factions to “keep the flock of warring Communist leaders together,” and prevent a split in the NCP, a move that would undoubtedly be detrimental to Beijing’s strategic interests and the BRI projects in the country...Read more

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